Janny YANG

CS Agent (Tracing)

China, China


1. Yihe Huacheng second Neighborhood Committee. 2. Jiangxi Women and Children's Development Foundation.

Main aim of the charity

1. From April 2022, the epidemic began to become serious in Shanghai, and community volunteers were needed to undertake relevant work of epidemic prevention. I signed up. I am nucleic acid volunteer, cargo transportation, parcel receiving and delivery. 2. The Aili family helps children from single-parent families in Jiangxi Province.

How the employee got involved and why

From April 2022, I was willing to volunteer in my spare time (weekends), including nucleic acid volunteer, material transportation, parcel receiving and delivery. Besides these, I have been a volunteer for many years and donated more than 10,000 CNY to my country. I also participated in the blood donation activity in Shanghai. No need why, it is normal. I hope I can help more people. Got heart website didn't support word file, some donating certificates are not attached.

What work does the employee do for charity

From April to June 2022, when the epidemic was most severe in Shanghai, I served as a volunteer in the community. Now I am a registered volunteer of Shanghai Volunteers Association (Volunteer No. 310107106633628) (main application items: long-term volunteers for epidemic prevention and control, assisting students with disabilities, poverty alleviation, etc.).

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