Guanyue Zhao

Secretary to Clu General Mgr C

China, China


A cup of love coffee

Main aim of the charity

The goal is to raise money for students in the mountains of Xiuyan County, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, in hopes of helping underprivileged children continue their education.

How the employee got involved and why

Reason for planning: In my daily life, I tend to pay attention to public welfare and do the small things I can to help people in need through official public welfare platforms or authoritative public welfare organizations. In communicating with my colleagues, I found that my colleagues share similar habits with me. I thought that maybe we could do something together. So I told HRBP about my idea . She told me that the company provides free tea bags for employees to use and everyone is very happy about it. However, she saw that some of her colleagues tended to drink coffee. In order to improve the satisfaction and happiness of the employees, and to further create a "Great Place to Work". After discussion, we decided to combine coffee with public welfare and use the money donated by employees to help schools. We hope that through this project, we can contribute a little bit of our strength and fulfill our corporate social responsibility, so that every cup of coffee has a temperature to warm every child in need. At the same time, we can connect coffee with love, and connect DHL NRO employees with students in mountainous areas, truly "connecting people, improving lives". When did it start: The idea started in August 2019 and started looking for a platform and project to donate. Later, after discussing and finalizing the plan with the cluster general manage, we decided to launch this charity project in September.

What work does the employee do for charity

Confirmation of donation platform: In the current society, there are many platforms that can accept donations and provide public welfare projects. Projects are usually in the form of individual donations or corporate donations. For personal donations, the platform will set the price for the donation content with the actual demand, such as a free lunch or a quality book. The minimum amount of donation is almost 10 RMB and above. For corporate donations, there are usually certain requirements for the number of people in the company as well as the donation amount. At the same time, the purpose of the project is to use the team's name, pass on the love with coffee, and help the children in need with our modest efforts. Therefore, the above two forms are not applicable to the one RMB per cup of coffee love project. After continuous exploration, we found that "Tencent Public Welfare" can create teams within the project and make donations in the form of teams. Identifying the project:On the Tencent platform, I discover the project to raise money for students in the mountains areas of Xiuyan County, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. One of the children was abandoned by his mother, his father had a congenital defect in his eyesight and hearing and was barely able to work, and his 80-year-old grandmother need of care. His academic performance is very good, and in addition to school, he needs to take care of household chores and his family. Due to his family's poor condition, he does not have enough money to continue his education ...... There are many other children like him in Xuiyan County who need grants for continuous learning opportunities, and we hope to help more of these children. Defined donation program: The company purchases monthly coffee capsules for employees to use and sets up a coffee machine and a display board for the charity project in the tea break area. For every coffee capsule used, employees will be required to scan the QR code on the sign and donate 1 RMB to the students in the mountainous areas of Xiuyan County.

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