Hans Dotremont

IT projects mngr

Belgium, Europe


Annick For Kenya

Main aim of the charity

Help people towards a better life with 3 basics . Water for all ( access to potable water ) Education for all ( teach youngsters towards graduation ) Healtcare for all . (basic healthcare for the poorest people . Deliveries in a safe and controlled environment for woman )

How the employee got involved and why

I fully support my brother in Law Eddy Van Uytsel ( retired DHL Employee) with his foundation . Launched 15 years ago after the dead (murdered) of his daughter Annick . I joined the organization since the beginning . (Annick wanted to go to Africa after her studies to help the world ) AFK Focus => Water for all - Education for all - healthcare for all . Achievements so far (Kwale county Southcoast Kenya ) Drilled 23 waterholes in schools and villages . Build 16 classrooms in 5 different schools Opened AFK Tailoring College (where girls can learn and graduate dressmaking ) Build hospital and Maternity house

What work does the employee do for charity

I am involved in planning & organization and collecting funds , selling Kenyan goods on special markets and to private people (those goods are made by our students in the tailoring school Kenya ). Every year we go on site with a team of volunteers . My tasks then is mainly repair and build ( I am quite handy ) , mostly sewing machine maintenance , electricity and water pipeline installations . Other volunteers give sewing lessons / English lessons and or assist in the hospital .Every year we offer our holiday's to do volunteering on site , which gives all of us a great / warm and satisfying feeling in return.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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