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Upasana Shrestha

Head of Operations

Nepal, APEC


Asha Nepal

Main aim of the charity

Asha Nepal, established since 2007, is a care and support-based NGO situated in Kathmandu, Godavari. It’s main objective is to help and improve the lives of the sexually exploited women and their children. Their focus areas are the victims of international and internal trafficking into the sex industries of India and Nepal and women who have suffered abuse. Asha Nepal provides safe shelter and food for these women with the aim of reintegrating them into society. They are continuously working to raise the social status of the survivors so that they can break free from the vicious cycle of abuse and violence. Their mission is to assist the survivors of violence, including women, children and their families, to rebuild their lives socially, emotionally and economically, enable them to enjoy lives of safety, independence and dignity as valued members of their community and society. By providing them with formal and non-formal education as well as vocational training, Asha Nepal is helping these women to be financially self-sufficient and regain self-worth.

How the employee got involved and why

Personally, I have been associated with Asha Nepal for the past 5 years now, aiding them in various ways to help improve their quality of life. . I have certainly gained a lot of insight into these beautiful people through their sufferings and this experience has altered the way I view humanity, it encourages me to put my kindness into action. It is a truly wonderful experience for me to be able to contribute to this organization.

What work does the employee do for charity

I have been liaising to find sponsors who can support children to access quality education for a few years now. Alongside this, I have organized donation of clothes which, although seems basic, helps to support their quality of life. I routinely spend time with these women and children which has been very rewarding to me. Simply by listening to their experiences, enjoying their company and even playing with the children, I have gotten to know them more. I introduced our DHL team to this organization 2 years ago and as a team, we have been able to contribute more. We organized volunteering days where we were spent the entire day cooking for them, engaging in activities with them and playing games with the children. The following year, the volunteers painted the building where they all reside.

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