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Flávia Fonseca

Customer Service KAD Advisor

Portugal, Europe

Inclusivity & respect

Associação Desportiva e Cultural dos Fidalguinhos

Main aim of the charity

Our main concern has always been the human rights of our local community, the elderly and the children. All the social, cultural and sports projects that we develop aim to unite people, improve the daily life and habits of people and families, create a connection between individuals and show people that we always need each other no matter what.

How the employee got involved and why

The local community started the Association in 2019, so when covid hit and we could not get away from district, I felt the necessity to do something in the only place I could be. So when I learned about the work of the Association I joined them. During the pandemic, we were the only ones that collected foodstuffs, toys and clothes and took(distributed) it to families in need to their own houses. We collected more than 3 tons of foodstuff. So this was the was the breath of fresh air I needed and got me involved until today .

What work does the employee do for charity

The Association saw my commitment with the local community and quickly I was invited to be their general-secretary. As part of my contribution, I teach kid’s classes like sociocultural animation so they can learn the sense of community, helping them to learn the rules to live in society. Then, we can provide children with the observation and surrounding understanding for their better social integration, developing interactivity activities with their families and community. I do balloon modeling, face paintings and I’m involved in organization and creation of all events and activities developed by the Association.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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