Nicolás de Noriega

Customs Supervisor Lisboa

Portugal, Europe


Associação Onis, Organização Neuroeducativa para a Inclusão Social

Main aim of the charity

ONIS Association, Organização Neuroeducativa para a Inclusão Social, is a Portuguese non-profit recently developed (Waiting for Aprovemment as Registered Charity) with the mission of providing better education and healthcare experiences to children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by assuming an approach based on the psychological sciences, neurosciences, and pedagogy. The ONIS Association develops its activity in 3 main areas of intervention: 1. Neuroeducational and Research Projects to stimulate the cognitive, social, and behavioral skills of children and young people based on scientific evidence; 2. Training and Professional Development by creating awareness and training opportunities directed to parents, students, and professionals in the areas of health and education, social sciences, and humanities; 3. Clinical Activity, with the provision of assessment, diagnostics, and clinical intervention services within the scope of neurodevelopmental disorders and other behavioral and socioemotional problems.

How the employee got involved and why

When my second daughter birth she had some complications and she need to be internal with a extremely risk medical process, induced hypothermia. Nowadays she doesn´t present any sequel, she will monitor until 5 years old, but during this period time everything change in my mind and in my perception of this matters. I have been collaborating with the ONIS Association since day one. I received the invitation to embrace the project in October 2021 and became a formal Member of the Governing Bodies on December 7, 2021, the day this association was founded in Oeiras, Portugal.

What work does the employee do for charity

Member of the Governing Bodies of the ONIS Association with the role of Vice-President of the General Assembly Board (2021-2025) • Main activities within the associative structure: o Responsible for writing the General Assembly Board meetings minutes and other administrative procedures; o Main Advisor for logistics problem-solving in the Neuroeducational Intervention Projects Area; o Support in searching for funding sources and planning and writing grant proposals; o Targeting potential donors to raise awareness of the charity and increase donations, whether in money, goods, or services, on a pro bono basis; o Expand the network of contacts in the social impact ecosystem (e.g., other nonprofits and investors); o Support fundraising initiatives and other social solidarity events.

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