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Bag to School (Bag2School)

Main aim of the charity

+ The main aims: - Provide study materials to kids - Provide basic education to parents and teachers - Have fun - Decorate school/renovation + We decide to do what we are doing because we strongly believe that education is a light in their darkness. They can be better than they are now and especially we don’t want to see them dropping out of school just because they lack of resources and supports. That’s why we come up with this ideas and help them as much as possible.

How the employee got involved and why

I do it and always keep doing it because I think my small contribution can make a big different to their education life. I have asked and listened to their daily difficulties and their dreams; it’s really inspired me to hand them help whereas we could help. As the result, we have the program “Bag to School” which support the education needs for kids in rural areas by providing them study materials in various provinces upon to our possibility and fund available. That’s why I think DHL’s Got Heart can be a part to make positive changes to those kids at least they are able to have enough study materials and more accessibility in their school. Back to when I start contributing, it’s when I saw the news that percentage of kids, in rural areas dropping out of school, are increasing because their family can’t afford to support their study materials and school itself doesn’t have enough sponsor to cover on this issue as well. I feel so touched and motivated to be part of this program and commit to help them as much as possible.

What work does the employee do for charity

To support the charity cause, my team and I contribute both cash and non-cash resources to make this charity happened. We shared personal money into our event, we raise money from various source such as our family members, relatives, friends, and public who are willing to join us. As the result, we’ve got the amount of money which we can use to buy study materials for kids, parents, teachers, and cover our event. It doesn’t the big amount, but we do it with their best interest in mind and we firmly believe that our small contribution will make a big difference.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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