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Bay Municipal Treskilion Council

Main aim of the charity

The main goal of the charity is to improve the lives and social well-being of our community through the "best gift" which we can share with the youth which is the support of their EDUCATION. We personally believe that the youth is the future of our country, thus, investing in their future would help create stronger and more stable citizens and the nation as a whole. We fulfill this advocacy through the following programs which enable us to yield funds through Bingo Games, summer league tournaments, Solicitation of donations of school supplies and equipment, and Raffle of sold tickets. Our group distributes school supplies to the 100 daycare students of three(3) daycare schools twice every year, before the opening of the school year in June and every December. The purpose is to help the parents sustain the needs of their children and on the part of the children, to motivate them further in their studies. Our organization, Bay Side Youth Organization is committed to supporting the youth in their endeavor for their natural right which is education, especially points where poverty, criminality, and inequality are challenges for our everyday living. It is because of my actual experience. | consider myself as a revelation that extending hands sharing love and compassion with others would help them achieve their dreams, At my tender age, I was sponsored by David Dastous, an American charitable organization that extended assistance helped me stand up from where I started and sustained my studies. As a form of gratitude and as my way of saying "thank you* to the group which unconditionally helped me, I involved myself in this organization Further, when I was elected as Sangguniang Kabataan representative, I worked in passing resolutions, necessary to carry out programs to stimulate the passion of the youth to pursue their studies, I also initiated programs to enhance social engagement, cultural preservations, intellectual, moral, and physical development of our "Kabataan* in our barangay. My advocacy continued. later on, I became the president and then the adviser of the organization where lam committed to EMPOWER YOUTH through free education which is accessible to its sponsored students lam working for a charity as a LEADER and ADVISER who builds strong ties with other adjacent barangays in our town leading the organization to promote the value of education to the youth and encourage their parents to support them in their dreams l also lead the organization to plan and execute ways in raising funds to support the financial needs, schools supplies and equipment of the learner beneficiaries.

How the employee got involved and why

I have started this cause five years ago when our Tau Gamma Fraternity joined the Brigada Eskwela of my alma mater, Bay Central Elementary School, where I witnessed the needs of learners especially those from far-flung sitios in our barangay. I was once a beneficiary of PAG-ASA, a non-government organization tied up with sponsors abroad so I want to return the favor done to me when I was in need.

What work does the employee do for charity

To sustain my support for my charitable cause, I will tap non-government entities and benevolent friends to be donors or sponsors to augment the needs of our beneficiaries.

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