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Ruohua Wei

Secretary to NWO GM

China, China


Chunshan Education Foundation

Main aim of the charity

The main aim is about the education development of adolescents from rural areas in Shaanxi Province. It undertakes three main responsibilities: building libraries in rural primary schools, sending out "shoe box gits" to primary schoolers, and supporting university students who are in poverty.

How the employee got involved and why

Most of children in this project are left-behind children, living with their old grandparents and in poverty. Rather than directly raise funds to them, we want the volunteering work focus on the education of these children, and be meaningful. By donating school supplies and winter necessities, we want to convey a message that education is very significant to them. We started this project 5 years ago, and have become a partner of Chunshan Education Foundation on this project.

What work does the employee do for charity

The volunteering work we're doing is called "shoe box gifts", which aims to hand out stationaries and daily necessities to primary schoolers from rural and poor areas in Shaanxi Province, China. Each participant of this project will prepare a shoe box of stationaries, sports equipment, winter necessities, etc. (less than 100 RMB) for these children. The shoe boxes will be wrapped up like a gift box, and will be handed out to children anonymously as their new year gifts through a NGO named Chunshan Education Foundation. This year, after launching the project, everyone in Shaanxi Branch took an active part in the project and we received 34 boxes gifts within one week. Each box is filled with new stationaries, toys and winter stuff, and our best wishes as well. We hope children will feel blessed when unwrapping the boxes and wish them a bright future.

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