Billy Siekman

Operations Manager

Network Operations - CVG Hub, Americas


Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association KY Chapter 1-5

Main aim of the charity

Veterans helping Veterans is the mainstay of our organization. From moral support, financial support, community outreach, veteran recognition. The majority of our outreach is financial hardship assistance and then veteran recognition. The pictures submitted are either events participated in, organized or local veterans that we have recognized.

How the employee got involved and why

I started supporting the Combat Veterans Association in 2017. I am a combat veteran myself and while i struggle with my own disabilities from my time in service, I am fortunate to have a good job and relatively good health. I initially started because the military bond amongst service members is one that is not easily understood by most and a place for veterans to talk about their experiences to help us cope with many of the things that we saw or experienced in combat. Once in the organization, I realized this was my opportunity to participate in a larger capacity to help not only combat veterans but any veteran as well as other veteran organizations that tackle specific problem sets. Through our fundraising, we have been able to assist with paying bills, moving expenses, medical bills, job skill expenses, utilities and many other needs. We also support Honor Flights that gives many Veterans of Foreign Wars closure and welcome home ceremonies they didn't receive in the past. Lastly, we support any requests to honor the fallen in escorting our fallen comrades to their final resting place and as well as assisting the Veterans Cemetery in laying wreaths and placing flags for different occasions.

What work does the employee do for charity

I support the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association both locally, regionally and nationally. I participate in benefit rides, Honor flights and work events that raise both money and awareness to veteran causes.

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