Ollie Kirkman

Recruitment and Talent Advisor

United Kingdom, Europe


Derby Toc H Children's Camp

Main aim of the charity

Derby Toc H Children’s Camp is a 100% volunteer-run charity committed to providing a free holiday for many of Derby City’s most deserving young children.

How the employee got involved and why

I’ve been involved all my life through my dad who until this year was running the camp. He handed over the reins last year after 36 years, but I really started helping at the camp at 14 years old, helping out in the kitchen before starting as a Trainee Tent Leader at 17 and after training for a few years I still do the role of Tent Leader now.

What work does the employee do for charity

I’m involved in a charity called Derby Toc H Children’s Camp, we provide a free action-packed camping trip for 140 children aged between 9 - 14 who would not otherwise be having a holiday. I’m responsible for looking after a group of 8 - 10 children and supporting them during the 10-day holiday, from waking them up in the morning, sitting with them at mealtimes, getting involved in activities, making sure there day to day needs is met and they are happy and enjoying their time on the camp until they go to bed.

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