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Tobias Wolfrum

Area Sales Manager

Germany, Europe


Förderverein 24. Grundschule Leipzig e.V.

Main aim of the charity

Förderung der Bildung durch die ideelle und materielle Unterstützung der pädagogischen Aufgaben der 24. Grundschule in Leipzig gem. der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen im Freistaat Sachsen.

How the employee got involved and why

I do it for my willingness to help poor children. I started at 2017.

What work does the employee do for charity

As part of the support association of the 24th elementary school in Leipzig, I support the board of directors in recruiting new members and raising urgently needed donations. With the help of my and our commitment, great projects have been financed in the last 2 years: * Making a vegetable class possible with our own cultivation * Free breakfast for all children at the school * Digital boards and tablets for the children (20 pieces) All of this is only funded by donations. I am proud of the fact that the 24th elementary school is active in a socially disadvantaged environment and offers the children the opportunity to feel this less often through the support association.

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