praveen jayawickrama

Cusotomer accuounting manager

Sri Lanka, APEC


Free wheels

Main aim of the charity

To help poor people to improve their health. Transport patients to their home after treatment using my personal car

How the employee got involved and why

I initially was exposed to this problem and need when I visited the hospital to donate some clothes to existing patients undergoing treatment. Once I saw the need, I readily made myself available for such people who were destitute without the financial means to visit the hospital for Medical Treatment. I have been extending myself since March 2022 and so far have helped 14 such patients in uplifting their medical treatment process. My plan is to spearhead the constitution of an organization focused on such charitable needs the needy where I can work with a set of likeminded people and work for the common good of people deprived in society

What work does the employee do for charity

To help patients who are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease who are seeking treatment from the National Hospital Colombo with financial and transport depreciations. The intervention is to provide a free transportation by deploying a personally funded Vehicle to such patients to return to their hometown post their medical treatment and also assisting them with a economic ration pack to sustain their further needs under the current economic constraints.

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