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Mustafa Tarkhan

Road Network Agent

Jordan, MENA



Main aim of the charity

concerned with the protection of the environment and the natural resources

How the employee got involved and why

around 2012 we started to notice that our authentic forests had been increasingly suffering. Besides climate change, there had been growing national neglect and a lack of appreciation for our little green treasure. Even our 2000-year-old iconic trees were not spared, many old trees ended up being firewood. We, a group of two, stood up for our trees. We started planting Cypress, Pine, and Carob trees to help mend damaged forests. No matter how many trees we planted, we believe that every tree would provide life in one way or another. We faced logistical difficulties secondary to the lack of continuity of care for the trees, in such remote forests. This led us to search for small farmers who could not afford to buy their trees but were committed to maintaining them. We donated them and helped them plant those fresh trees.

What work does the employee do for charity

Our initiative; GHARISOON, helps small farmers of the Jordan Valley to settle financially, those who don't have other means to support their families, many of them had recently tended to sell their lands due to debts after a disastrous season. We are donating those farmers' Non-GMO citrus, Olive, and Grape trees that they can’t afford to buy. This is to ensure the continuity of their presence on their lands, maintain it, and not sell it to big landowners anymore.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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