Nobu Muhau

Undels Agent

Zambia, SSA



Main aim of the charity

MAIN AIM OF THE CHARITY Our main aim is to devote our time and effort to ensure that every child has the right to education by creating a conducive learning environment, hence getting involved with this charity so that we empower the vulnerable children, the abandoned, the orphans and the disabled. Education is the focus of our work because it is the foundation of personal development.

How the employee got involved and why

I do it because I want to creat equality and providing opportunities to children so they can break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential for a better tomorrow. I started and got involved with this charity in 2017 after seeing a huge number of helpless children that are desperate to get a good education, but poverty prevents them from doing so because of coming from broken homes, death of their parents from HIV and Aids, Victims of violence and diseases. This was in 2017 after a visit to Nakawa Communities and thought I would give a helping hand were I can .

What work does the employee do for charity

I am in volved in various income generating ventures like poultry, farming, gardening, selling of second hand clothes. We then use the money raised to empowering the children with educational materials such as books, literacy training materials, shoes, clothes and blankets . I ensuring that they learn in a clean environment by providing desks compared to sitting on the floor and also providing various educational materials for volunteer teachers. I managed to source for funds from well wishers. Together as a team of Nakawa Communities we managed to build a 2 by 2 classroom blocks and 2 ablution blocks.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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