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Monika Froncka

Key Account Advisor

Poland, Europe


Happy Kids Foundation

Main aim of the charity

The main aim of our cooperation with the Happy Kids Foundation is to help children from orphanages brought from Ukraine. The most vulnerable and frightened ones, because once again they have been left alone, i.e. children in state and private orphanages all over Ukraine. Children who have already experienced trauma and suffering in their lives, for whom mum and dad have not returned to take them to safety. Help for these most vulnerable has been undertaken by the Happy Kids Foundation, which has evacuated children from war-affected areas and those who may be at risk. Around 1,500 children have found refuge in Poland and a chance for a new, peaceful future. The evacuated children ranged in age from 1 to 18 years, the youngest was a 7-day-old baby. The Happy Kids Foundation runs and coordinates orphanages throughout Poland. The current global situation has forced them to immediately adapt new buildings to house children from across the eastern border. To prepare the facilities for the children, the Foundation adapted old buildings from former Children's Homes. The Foundation needed urgent help to prepare the facilities with the necessary equipment to function. And that was the moment when all employees and couriers at DHL Express Poland got involved in the project. We can confidently say that about 500 people in Poland got involved in the project. We organised financial collections, bought equipment for the facilities: fridges, washing machines, hoovers, clothes, cleaning products, furniture, food with a longer shelf life. We also involved employees from other divisions, e.g. DHL Parcel Poland, and our customers, who either supported us financially or donated products that were needed. We collected funds for the Foundation's account. We promoted the action among the whole DHL worldwide, encouraging other employees to support the Foundation's activities. Our Board of Directors was also involved in this action. We made a financial donation as a company to help the Foundation. The Foundation currently looks after 17 family orphanages and provides professional foster care, protection for children, medical care and psychological support for children with trauma, disabilities. Since we started working with the Foundation in April, we have been in regular contact and also support the Foundation in other activities. Recently, we have been involved in a Santa Claus project for the Foundation's charges. On 4 December, the children were invited to the ballet performance "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs", and after the performance our DHL Express volunteers (about 20 people) distributed gifts to over 800 children straight from our yellow DHL truck. There was a lot of excitement and emotion. It's great to help.

How the employee got involved and why

Why do we do it? It is simple. Someone needs help, it is natural that we help. The current situation on the western side of Europe requires us to be ready to help the people who need it most. The humanitarian crisis, of which the people of Ukraine are a part, has shown us that we, as people and as DHL Express employees, can unite in almost any corner of Europe to give hope and help people who need it. We started our partnership with the Happy Kids Foundation in April 2022, committing to a project to help children from orphanages brought in from Ukraine. And we are still continuing this cooperation by getting involved in other projects of the foundation.

What work does the employee do for charity

We have involved many people from our company in the project. At DHL Express Poland, we have an active CSR_DHL group with more than 30 people who are involved in various volunteer projects. It was the same in this case. We involved all departments in the company. We raised the necessary funds to achieve the Foundation's goals. We also involved other DHL divisions in Poland - such as DHL Parcel, Fracht, DHL Global Forwarding. Additionally, due to the aim of the action - helping children from orphanages in Ukraine - we also involved other DHL countries in the world in organizing financial collections. In addition to financial or in-kind support, many of our employees in Poland also cooperate with the Foundation as volunteers for their actions.

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