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Congo, The Democratic Republic Of, SSA



Main aim of the charity

As I said before, caring for people with autism is actually a very important thing in our society. Autistic people typically have problems in three critical areas of human development: social interactions, language, and communication. This is why the hospital care and educational follow-up of autistic children must be a priority today to build a better future because autism is not inevitable. Thus, our non-profit association campaigns for educational and behavioral support for autistic children in order to help them progress and offer them a real prospect for the future.

How the employee got involved and why

This idea of creating the association dates back to 11 and a half years ago, almost 12 years ago. For the record, my big sister gave birth consecutively to two autistic children aged 12 and 10 now. very hard to imagine having the 2 autistic children as autism was virtually non-existent in our family. These children are so different from other children and need regular health checks. Living with theses children and seeing how they grow up, how they behave differently from other children and also seeing how their parents spend a lot of money on the health, education and development for them, gave me the courage to create this association in 2020 to help all these autistic children in the DRC and also to encourage parents for the education of their children.

What work does the employee do for charity

I created an association called Hello_autist since 2020. Our association has 2 objectives: Charitable and social; On the charitable level, we carry out solidarity and charity actions with autistic children in the DRC, mainly in schools. We are used to providing school supplies and materials to autistic children and talking to their parents at the same time about how they can live with their autistic children at home. On the social level, we aim to create an autism center for children and adults, as well as a specialized hospital for them. we are doing a lot of research on the care of autistic people and how it works in other countries, it will make things easier when the center and the hospital will be created.

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