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Claudia Silva Coutinho


H&G Spain, Europe


Help to hug

Main aim of the charity

Accompany the personal processes and maturational development of six boys and four girls victims of situations of socioeconomic inequality, abuse, physical and/or emotional abandonment, who need protective measures.

How the employee got involved and why

Few months after my arrival in Spain, in 2002, I was invited to visit a Charity that had begun to build up a space for the care and education of children and youths separated from their families and placed under the Child protection system of the Comunidad de Madrid (Government of the Region of Madrid). I was struck by the love and professionalism of the workers and volunteers involved in the project. Therefore, I decided to join the team of volunteers and give some of my time to help those children. Unfortunately, later on, I had to give up because of my working schedule. However, in 2011, when I was already working in DHL, I was able to resume the volunteer work and became an active member of the Charity. This has given me the opportunity to join hands with other members of the Organization to try to carry on an effective job for the children in spite of the lack of financial resources. I must confess that it is not an easy task; however, it is beautiful to be part of this team. This year, the project has turned 21 years old. Many children have passed through it. Others still live in the home (residence) that the organization runs in Madrid. And as soon as one of them leaves it, a new one will take his/her place. In these years we have experienced different problems, failures and, of course, many successful stories, as it is expected when you decide to share your life with these youths and the people who care for them. These kids do not have a family that cares for and supports them, that is why they are in our home. We offer them what their families should have to: a safe environment, encouragement, self-control, laughter, affection and lot of love. This is why we keep on working and we never give up on them. We continue to accompany them, even when they turn 18 and are forced by the law to leave our home. Some of them make it to the University, others go for vocational training, other have to find a job. Each one follows his/her own way, just as it happens in each family. Because that is what we are: a big family. And even when they leave the house, always come back to continue to share their lives with us. The home has become a place that they can rely on when they need help, advise or to share their successes and projects. Since I rejoined the organization in 2011, one of my main tasks has been the search for funds to support this project so that the children do not feel excluded from the society of which they are part of. I carry on this activity together with a team of volunteers from DHL. We need the money to support and encourage their dreams and give them the assurance that they will be always backed by a great human team that will always stand by them.

What work does the employee do for charity

Account management and invoicing of the association Picking up the items donated by the food bank House maintenance Search of economic resource

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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