Atai Aloka

Account Relationship Manager

Uganda, SSA


Home of Hope Jinja

Main aim of the charity

The organization has a home specifically for children with disabilities providing basic needs, social protection and inclusion, provision of improved standards of living and creating awareness within the community. The organizations’ activities are carried out through the following headings: Center based therapy and care Assessment Clinics/outreach clinics Home Visits (Activities of Daily Living & Therapy) Epilepsy Medication Adaptive Aids Drop in clinics Support for Corrective Surgery Nutrition support Income generating activities. Training workshops Child School Sponsorship

How the employee got involved and why

I'm compelled to support differently abled children because of the stigma that comes with their conditions especially here in Africa where tradition still takes precedence in most communities. They are considered outcasts, bewitched and curses to their families and so end up being abandoned or left with their grand parents who are incapacitated to handle their needs. Sensitization remains a bigger challenge as well. I started last year for this particular home.

What work does the employee do for charity

My siblings, family and friends visited Home of Hope Uganda in partnership with Equality Mission Uganda to celebrate festivities with them, provide clothing that had been collected from friends and family over time, food and medication. We spent time learning about the history of the school, visiting the new facilities being set up and saying a prayer with the children.

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