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Main aim of the charity

Softball is not popular as football and badminton, especially at rural/ suburban area, but this sport also needs tremendous teamwork and tactical to play. Which can also develop the players sportmanship. For now i am focusing at Putra Perdana in Selangor, Malaysia, together with my ex-teammates organising softball club for kids and adult, focusing on less fortunate people : to guide, coach and train them who have passions towards softball. Catalysing them to get their dreams come true. And to give the players new purpose of life as hobby/ passion I also love to see softball to expend in Malaysia, to bond people from around malaysia by exchanging sports value.

How the employee got involved and why

I started playing softball since i was 10 years old. My dream was to join softball national team, but however i was not selected and this doesn’t stop me to pursue my passion towards softball at my age of 29 years old. This event not only help me develop my self value, this also bring joy to whoever love this game, this can help people find their own Ikigai (conceived as devotion to a pursuit that brings a sense of fulfillment or accomplishment).

What work does the employee do for charity

I teamed up and gather few exteammates that has same value with me and established softball club. Our softball club is the pioneer for softball community in Putra Perdana and Cyberjaya. We started by doing volunteering coaching every weekend at minimum of 5 hours per day by using public field. To purchase softball items such as gloves, batt, balls, catcher set, we approached schools for softball clinic sessions and make some merchandise such as jersey and softball caps to sell. For now, some softball club lent us equipment, thus we need to do sourcing and to purchase new equipments for training and coaching purposes. With termendous effort and will, we managed to send our new team for some open tournaments such as : 1. Kuantan slowpitch August 2022 2. Baseball 5 national championship 2022 3. Sepang Fastpitch December 2022 4. Friendly matches

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