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India, APEC


it's a group of people coming together to support people in a real need for food,Education And medical Attention

Main aim of the charity

Helping all the old people ,students and needy people any natural calamities etc

How the employee got involved and why

I used to associate myself to many voluntary activities and also did lot of support to orphanages, but I started sincerely and seriously seeing this when Covid-19 (Wave-1)

What work does the employee do for charity

The wise say, “Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”. This is what i followed by carrying out the relief work to the needy during the Pandemic. During Wave 1 - the summer was sultry and the atmosphere oppressive; the Policemen posted at critical areas were, tasked to maintain order and discipline in the city. The violators were looking out for opportunities to step out on the street, thus making the job of a police officer much more difficult. Seeing the Police stressed and struggling to enforce lockdown. Karthik brought relief for the Officers on duty by constantly supplying Water, beverages and snacks in order to keep them hydrated. Karthik did not restrict himself to serving police officers on duty; he went a step ahead and provided food packet, Groceries to the people who either lost jobs or did not have essential provisions for sustenance. He supplied grocery kits to 200 needy families. The next to hit us hard was the tragedy of Wave II, having a profound effect on the lives of people across the City. The crisis brought unprecedented challenges, which encouraged Karthik to spread his helping hand once again to those people who lost a sole earning member. He used the power of collaboration and reached out to the Regional management team for support. An appeal to support the bereaved families saw an overwhelming response from other team members, thereby collecting funds up to Rs.85K. The funds helped purchase a 1-month grocery kit for 100 needy families. The dedicated service offered by Karthik in arranging food and other essentials not only gave hope but courage to start their lives afresh putting the tragedy behind them.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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