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Jairo Espinosa

Retail Consultant

Mexico, Americas


Joy Joy Comunidad

Main aim of the charity

Joy Joy works in Chiapas accompanying children and women living with HIV. However, advocacy and research actions seek to achieve a nationwide transformation. We work under 4 interrelated transversal axes of action to achieve the objectives of adherence, undetectability, self-management and dignified life, which are: (i) accompaniment; (ii) human rights; (iii) social cohesion; and (iv) human development. They accompany children, adolescents and pregnant women so that they can access treatment. Disclosure of diagnosis and transfer of knowledge about HIV, determines actions aimed at reducing barriers to access to ART, based on supportive and inclusive communication, cultural identity and appropriation of full knowledge of the right to health, patient empowerment. Ensure that the management and logistics of care is timely and dignified in health institutions; monthly consultations and clinical analysis as well as payment of transportation, food and lodging for dignified access to health services, since these expenses represent catastrophic costs for families and are the first obstacle to access to treatment. They carry out recreational activities, workshops, prevention fairs and timely identification combined with cultural and artistic events. Provide information about HIV based on cultural identity to children and women living with HIV to the family nucleus, in order to promote a healthy coexistence free of discrimination. Promote new practices to avoid vertical transmission and transmission in adolescence. Providing leadership from the knowledge of HIV and the knowledge of their rights is a primary tool during the accompaniment.

How the employee got involved and why

I think Joy Joy's work is important, although retroviral treatment for people living with HIV is free, in Chiapas, poverty and misinformation do not allow people to have treatment. There is no organization in Mexico or in the world that works on this issue with these approaches, for this reason I decided to be part of the organization as a volunteer. I started collaborating two year ago.

What work does the employee do for charity

I participate in follow-up and monitoring processes of the beneficiaries together with the coordinator of the area, I provide information and participate in activities that allow the beneficiaries to have more tools for life (academic counseling, construction of life plan, among others). I collaborate in the development of informative events for the community in general and development of social integration dynamics.

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