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Lakat Mountaineering Club, Helping-Hand Outreach

Main aim of the charity

We had gathered info to register our Charity but when Covid19 strike, everything was delayed so it has not been registered. It is more of Reaching -Out to the communities and remote schools. We reached out during flood, typhoon, (volcanic eruption, Medical Mission, where we partnered with other organization). During Covid19, we distributed goods to the nearby neighborhood that were hit hard). We reach-out to remote schools that government can't reach. We raised funds to give to a cancer patient and one of the beneficiary was Baby Ciev. Our team built houses to the deserving homeless that we counteract. One of our project before I left the Philippines on September 2022, we had renovated the waiting area for the parents of school children, also a new school gate was built, for the safety of the school children. We focus more on improving lives of the people in the community due to poverty, helping the least privileges' school children, we also conducted tree planting planting and educating children the importance of tree planting.

How the employee got involved and why

I get involved in many volunteers' works, locally and internationally. In 2018, I partnered with the Organization" Lakat (means walk) Mountaineering, Helping-Hand Outreach," in the Philippines, where we extended aids in the communities, during typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, Medical-missions, and during Covid pandemic. We handout groceries, used clothing, medicine, free eyeglasses, free consultation. We raised funds to give to the cancer patient, we build houses for a deserving homeless that we counteract, we reach-out to remote schools where government can't reach. We also conducted tree planting and educating children the importance of tree planting because we care for our environment. We also help some project in the community, leaving it a little better than when we arrived. These are only few things we did for the last few years, and we will continue to do this by heart. "Working hard, for something you love, is called passion,"

What work does the employee do for charity

I have been active of sending school supplies, used clothing, My personal monetary support. I also solicit donations for this cause. During my absence we are in constant communication through calls & text especially when we have an outreach to do. When I came to the Philippines, I also personally did volunteers for our outreach. But during Covid locked down there were many restrictions and traveling was not allowed, so we reach out individually to our own community by distributing basic needs for distressed neighborhood. I personally bought basics goods needed and had these distributed to the neighborhood through my network. My team did the same to their community. Lots of people lost their livelihood because of the lock down, and there we realized that we had lots of things to do. There was typhoon that hit the Philippines, that also brought intense rainfall, many houses were destroyed. Thus, the team were active on helping building house for the victims, while I solicited funds to help the project. I also gave them advice to keep the team aligned.

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