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Zhoutao Ruan

Feild Sales Executive

China, China


Love We Delivered

Main aim of the charity

I think our team hopes to unite us better through this project, become a better us, and constantly help others, repay the society, and warm ourselves while warming the world. So we take the regional team as the organization, and regularly appeal to everyone to participate in the project every year, and pass on the culture of love throughout the company.

How the employee got involved and why

In fact, after we completed this year’s GoHeart project, we received photos and thank you videos from the children of SANKESHU Primary School. After seeing the children’s bright smiles and the video thanking their brothers and sisters, we were truly moved and warm. Poke deep in my heart, warm them and warm me. Our team leader Tessy Wu has been encouraging and advocating the activities of helping primary schools in poor mountainous areas of Guizhou. We have continued the GoHeart project initiated by Tessy from the DSC team. Tessy once organized colleagues to donate clothes to the teachers and staff in winter, and even built a basketball court for their primary school, which brought warmth to the children in the mountainous area and established a deep friendship. This year we continued to support the mountainous primary school project. Through communication with the school leaders, we learned that due to the merger of two primary schools in the mountainous area, 20 children from Yuzhai Village were transferred to Sankeshu Primary School. Due to the inconvenient transportation, they could only Temporarily rent houses around the school, As the temperature drops in autumn and winter, the rainy climate in the mountains makes it more difficult for children to go to school. After learning about this information, Tessy immediately initiated this charity project proposal and obtained the unanimous consent of everyone in the team, and finally succeeded in sending the warmth of our DHL to the children in time.

What work does the employee do for charity

It is my great honor to report this very meaningful event on behalf of the Pudong District Team of the Sales Department of Shanghai Branch of China. By saving expenses, our regional team uses 30% of the EOS funds of this year and raises some money by organizing games, we purchased a batch of living and school supplies for Sankeshu Primary School in the mountainous area of Kaili City, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, including 20 pairs of mountain anti-slip rain boots, matching winter cotton socks of the same size as the rain boots, and 20 bags. Considering that it is already the end of October and the children are about to face the rainy season in the mountainous areas of Guizhou, in order to help the children to wear rain boots as soon as possible before the rainy season, we planned the time afterwork, according to the student information provided by the school, we urgently purchased rain boots and others. We packed and sorted the rain boots, cotton socks and school bags by the sizes, and finally packed them into a small winter school gift bag. After counting, we sent them to Three Trees Primary School immediately. It took only one week for our warmth was delivered to the children before the rainy season, so that they could make sufficient preparations before the cold wave came.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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