Rosaline Mendy

Customer Services Advisor

Gambia, SSA



Main aim of the charity

Our main aim is to minimize the rate of poverty in Gambia and so we assist to provide support for the less privileged and the needy in our country

How the employee got involved and why

the Foundations started since 2019 and we have been doing a lot since then. The reason we do it, is because not everyone has the power or resources to get what they need, and Gambia is a country with so many poor and jobless people, we feel we are lucky to be able to feed and do so many things for ourselves that other people cannot do and that alone is a blessing. we feel we can build a better Gambia by doing some of these little things and build a better environment, who know i might be the sick one someday and the resources in donated might be used to cure me, so we love doing this and we will do even bigger things if we have the resources we need.

What work does the employee do for charity

The Marvicose Foundation is a charitable organization that helps the less privileged. The course has been on going and we have been able to at least put smiles on people faces. The charity organization is not a very strong one at the moment as we use the monies that were won on previous got heart programs as country winners and also a part of our salaries to assist the needy. our first charity was when we travelled to the village to help people with clothing as this was a problem for some of them over there, the second charity was when Covid hit and most businesses were shut down and most people where jobless, feeding was a problem and other stuffs, so we bought food stuffs and distributed to as many homes as we could. The third charity we held was a donation to the main hospital in Banjul, Hospital facilities in Gambia are a huge problem, people are asked to bring their own bandages to be treated, people have to buy their own gloves and bring them along before they are treated, people go to the hospitals and they lay on the floor because the beds are full, no oxygen for people who need them when sick and so on, so we took a step by buying the some of these stuffs that the hospitals lack, including diapers for new born, sanitary pads for women that just delivered as they are not provided for them, and we gave to the main hospitals. This year 2022, we visited a government school called the Methodist Special School, which consist of children with Autism. they are the responsibility of the government because they tend to forget them and do not provide anything for them, we reached out to their teachers and they asked that they need food stuffs to feed the children and also washing detergents to wash their clothes, so we decided we donate to them this time around.

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