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Senegal, SSA


OCU ( United Hearts Organization)

Main aim of the charity

The main objective of our charitable cause is to reduce poverty through sustainable development initiatives

How the employee got involved and why

I have been working since 2016 for humanitarian causes because I have discovered with experience that it is the best therapy for hypersensitive and depressed people like me. Helping and supporting people in need makes us stronger and more useful to our community and the results are positive most of the time because we understand easily and quickly the needs. Finally, it has become a passion and I enjoy helping. In 2018 I legally created my own humanitarian organization named OCU (organization of united hearts) for more impact. this year we had a meeting that changed our vision of humanitarianism. I received an old lady at the office one day who was sending some handmade items. the price being very high for her, she desperately begins with a trembling voice to tell me the purpose of his sending. It was therefore a package sold to a stranger to ensure the survival of the women she welcomes in a center in order to get them out of a vicious circle and learn them how to earn a living with dignity. greatly touched, after a small reduction with the authorization of my supervisor, I went to visit them. I then realized the social imbalance that exists in this world and how important it is to give a little support to people in need by showing them how to work with dignity. In this center, I saw women taken off the streets, some very early out of school and left to fend for themselves in the suburbs, others subject to rape paid for in order to have enough to eat and feed the family. the center makes a lot of effort to train them, they are very talented but unfortunately it will take more to make them self-sufficient. Since then, my team and I have supported them financially so that they have the necessary equipment to create more articles, we provide psychological support, discuss a lot with them and put them in touch with potential consumer.

What work does the employee do for charity

Aware that the best way to reduce poverty is to support women's empowerment; I have been meeting and supporting women in the most vulnerable communities in the country since 2016 to stand up and create innovative development solutions for their communities. To do this some of my weekends are dedicated to humanitarian trips with my own association through which we communicate a lot, mentor and support financially these communities.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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