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Maya Rani

Telesales Executive

Indonesia, APEC


One Week Free Food for Isoman

Main aim of the charity

This social activity is intended for less fortunate people who suffer from Covid and must self-isolate in their homes. We prepare free food for them two meals (lunch and dinner), for one whole week. What we do is raising funds from donors and then spend the money to buy groceries, then gather volunteers to cook together for a full week and distribute the food to the covid victims every day.

How the employee got involved and why

I started being active in various social organizations since grade 3 of junior high school, then started to be specifically active in MABGI since grade 2 of senior high school until now. I am active in various social organizations because since childhood I felt like using my hands to help people in need, but I feel that when only my two hands work, I can reach only a few and the impact is not significant. Since I started to be active in social organizations, I found something very interesting, that in fact by working with many hands, the things given can be much bigger and more useful. therefore I began to be interested in continuing to participate in several social organizations. There I also realized more and more that to help others I don't need to be too rich, but we can give good intentions, energy and time and can be useful in extending the hands of people who are willing to donate.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am active in the MABGI organization (Guangji Indonesian Buddhist Council). What I do to support it is to go directly into the field, starting with helping to raise funds, then working directly in the kitchen, and going to the location to share the free food with my colleagues there.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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