David Mtakai

Gateway Customer Service

Kenya, SSA


Pamoja Africa Initiative

Main aim of the charity

Advocates for education. Donation of learning materials, food and clothing

How the employee got involved and why

You have heard it being said that children are the future of the society. Children are a heritage and every year, they are celebrated to promote their welfare. Every child has a right to safe care, education, to play, to rest and not to be discriminated. This led me to the world of advocacy where I advocate, promote and celebrate the fundamental rights of children translating to dialogues and actions since 2012. Did you know that in Kenya and where I hail from, 1 in 5 girls misses school due to lack of menstrual products fuelled by various reasons mostly being economic. A scope into the plight of the boy child shows that, the gender has somehow been left behind hence as part of advocacy, together with the team(s) I engage with, whenever we visit the institutions, we have forums with the young men who are vulnerable to many illegal activities in the society as a cheap means to sustain the needs of their families - offering guidance and counselling on life skills i.e. handling psychological and social barriers.

What work does the employee do for charity

I best support by donating my time and finances in kind. Together with a group of friends we usually assemble and deliberate on how best we can positively impact the society surrounding us. We visit children orphanages and schools. At the centres we give talks to both the boy and girl child on matters education. We give out dry food stuff, sanitary towels, shoes and clothes.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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