Andreas Dorn

Senior Expert Controller

Germany, Europe


Paulis Momente Hilft e.V. Leipzig

Main aim of the charity

Helping Families with deadly sick Chields on different ways.

How the employee got involved and why

A friend of mine lost his chield Paul in age of 2 years due to deadly sickness. To handle these lost and to help other Families, he decided to found Paulis Momente. When I`m think on Paul and on the story of all the Families with their Kids...I`m really sorryfull with some tears in my Eyes.

What work does the employee do for charity

Helping in a Organization that supporting Families with deadly ill chields. Name of Organizazion is "Paulies Momente Hilft". Sorry - dont having a Video for Upload, but a Link on U-Tube:

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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