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Bettina Nagy

Customer Service Specialist Huawei

Hungary, Europe


Paw in Hands Rescue Dog Association

Main aim of the charity

The aim of Paw in Hands is finding as many missing persons, and saving as many lives as possible with the help of our search and rescue dogs. Beside this Paw in Hands members frequently participate on presentations with their dogs to educate children and adults alike.

How the employee got involved and why

I always loved to work with dogs and also intended to help people (organizing material fundraising events before Christmas for animal shelters, get sponsors for a replacement wheelchaif for a friend who could not afford after the old one broke, regular blood donation). This is the perfect combination of these two. All our members are enthusiastic dog lovers and would not hesitate a bit to help people. I always admired the dogs and their owners and of course all others who are there to help after an earthquake or a disaster and their hard work can really sae lives. I followed the work of Paw in Hands 1 year ago I got he opportunity from life that I could start to be a volunteer there. I already train with my dog and hopefully we will be able to take our first exams in obedience, area search and rumble search next year.

What work does the employee do for charity

With my german shepherd dog I'm a member of Paw in Hands Rescue Dog Association where we training to-be and already certified rescue dogs. Each member of our team is helping in the training of the other's dogs. Real teamwork both with our dogs and with the team members as well is essential. We have several obedience, area and rumble search and mantrailing trainings on weekly basis where we are also helping each other. We also participate at presentations where people can get to know the dogs and our work. When the Paw in Hand gets a request to join the search team to find a missing person the available members go and help.

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