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Shaikh Vakeel Ahmed

Supervisor- Contact Center (Customer Service)

India, APEC



Main aim of the charity

ProjectMumbai.Org works in all activities which catagories under Environment, Education, Healthcare etc. Environment: THE MUMBAI PLASTIC RECYCLOTHON Jallosh: Clean Coasts--Protecting Mumbai's Water Bodies Is Back! HARITA – GREEN FELLOWSHIP Other Initiatives: Summer Mental Health Program- A program to combat emotional challenges faced by adolescents as they transition to offline AGNI RAKSHAK-Making Mumbai Fire safe MAITRI- Providing meals, medicines and groceries to over 10,000 senior citizens and people with disabilities or living alone. Samavesh - Making Mumbai inclusive and accessible- partnering with wheelchair basketball federation to nurture wheelchair basketball talent for podium finish, awareness, coaching, infrastructure, change of mindset and to enable parents with children on wheelchairs to plan a future. Organ donation as a family- partners with Amar Gandhi Foundation to take on the task of getting every family to pledge to donate their organs post demise. Nirbhaya women citizen volunteers- In order to provide assistance to the Mumbai Police, Project Mumbai will form a group of volunteers who will be the first respondents, the eyes and ears of the Nirbhaya team.

How the employee got involved and why

I read somewhere and I experienced it personally. “When we help others or do good deeds, the entire cells in the body transforms and enhance the immune. With volunteering, the intensity of grumbling or complaining will reduce and we can easily accept our condition” I have started taking small steps when I was in college, but DHL helped and supported well hence got involved positively since 2020.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am very passionate for doing social responsibility work for the society and environment, i take time from my busy scheduled and participate in below activities, Blood donation, Tree Plantation, Beach clean-up, Visit to Old age home for spending quality time with the inmates, Visit to orphanage and distributing cloths, household stuff, toys and books, Personality Development session -Volunteering activity with SUPPORT NGO, Public Speaking- Volunteering activity with SUPPORT NGO, "Career Path Counselling Session" For TFI schools.... About the initiative of ProectMumbai.org: Mumbai generates close to 700 metric tons of plastic every day; and that might just see a number because we may not even imagine what could 700 metric tons be. If you just take a walk or a drive along the easter suburbs of Mumbai (India), where there is one of the largest dump yards in Mumbai, there are so much plastic and waste dumps that it could have multiple buildings that can get occupied, and this is just about 7 or 8 percent of the larger waste that gets created out of Mumbai. Most of the plastic that gets collected is essentially dumped by people who think that nobody is watching. So what we did was we made the entire proposition extremely interesting. People are very health conscious, so we called it that Plastic Recyclothon, because people are also very excited about Marathon. But give away plastic and give it where? Our proposition was very simple, if you register with us that means we have your address, we will do a doorstep pickup. In 2018 when this was started close to 85000 people decided to donate plastic. We got people who gave away trucks, we got citizens of Mumbai who wanted to contribute for this cause, so they were volunteers and then we got the recyclers involved. It’s completely noncommercial initiative for a cause, for the city. Portion of the plastic we make benches for the gardens in Mumbai, which are public garden where largely senior citizens and children go and play, we make pencil boxes out of them and then we make garbage bins out of it. Once the plastic got collected it would go to a recycler. First it is cleaned, it is segregated so the recyclables and non-recyclables plastic gets segregated, it is washed after that it boiled, then it is molded and melted and then after melting, different moulds get formed and then elements are added so that the plastic become solid. This activity will get spread to Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all over INDIA.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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