Gordon Pursley

RCG National Dangerous Goods Trainer

United Kingdom, Europe


REACT Disaster Response

Main aim of the charity

Disaster response/humanitarian

How the employee got involved and why

I joined REACT during the first lockdown in 2020 . I was initially interested as at time the organisation was predominantly ex forces and with myself having just retired from the army reserves, seemed a good way of giving something back. During 2020 I had been involved in assisting with assembling beds for the contingency hospitals and as the vaccination program was announced I assisted at the vaccination centres which were set up in Bristol and Exeter

What work does the employee do for charity

Iam a responder for REACT Disaster response. Anywhere in the UK or overseas this organisation deploys responders on the ground to assist where possible when disaster strikes. During this year I have assisted at the Royal Worcester hospital, carrying out tasks which in turn allowed the nursing staff to concentrate on clinical tasks. I also attended the commonwealth Games as a member of the security team ensuring that the games were a safe and secure environment. For this role I completed my Security Industry Licence. I am currently part of the Ukraine Medical Support, this role is to collect donated medical equipment and deliver to a point here in the UK for onward transport to Poland/Ukraine. Upon successfully completing the international responder course in February 2023, I would look at deploying to Ukraine if the need and opportunity required.

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