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Dinasane San

Query Handler

Cambodia, APEC


Rural school donation

Main aim of the charity

My main aim of my charitable cause is to donate supply to students who can’t afford to buy enough material for their study. I want to see them pursue their education until they’re graduate and I want to encourage them that education is very important which they should give up. Sometimes lacking material and purpose can push students to drop out of school. In order to make this donation happen, the work that it undertake is that I need to prepare budget and material as well as finding a school that has students who is not comfortable in term of financial stability. What I get in return is their smile when they see that people are donating the bags and books that they need.

How the employee got involved and why

The reason that I do it is because I want to do somethings good and give back to the society. I see that many students in rural school lacks study materials such as books or pen and bag when they go to school. I sometimes saw them using plastic bag as a replacement to school bag because their parents could not afford to buy them one and sometimes they have to use 1 book for 3 subjects. Hence, I donate these to give them what they need and encourage them to pursue their education instead of dropping off. Even if it small, but it can help them for awhile. I start these activities since 2018 but I can’t frequently donate due to personal budget shortage.

What work does the employee do for charity

I donate study materials to young students in rural, who lack materials to support their education. The funds to buy the supplies is from my own budget.

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