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Lene Hyllnes

Customer service

Norway, Europe


Sammen for 2040

Main aim of the charity

Our values ​​are: Unity, diversity, respect and acceptance! Empty fridge. Unpaid bills. The money is not enough, and consumer debt is growing. Some children do not receive packed lunches at school, and not everyone at home gets a hot meal every day. It can happen to anyone. It could be you. Me. The neighbor. A friend. It can affect us all. But we will do something about it. Kløfta 1 Scout group, Ullensaker congregation and Kløfta Vel want to make a difference for the local community. We will do our best, and we want to raise our awareness of what affects our neighbors and neighbourhoods. We can all be a fellow human being and show charity for all those who live in our village, and we invite everyone to join us in this charity for those who need it most right now. We have joined forces on a project which we have called "Together for 2040". We hope to collect money via donations from private individuals and businesses in the village so that we can help those who need it most. We know that Covid-19 has meant that many in the population have been made redundant or have lost their jobs. There are children and young people in these households. And we must mobilize, gather and stand together as local communities and fellow human beings. "Together for 2040" is a low-threshold offer for those who may need assistance. It is a trust-based, voluntary scheme that is run by 3 well-established organizations at Kløfta. All the volunteers have a duty of confidentiality in their work and we are contacted via our Facebook page by those who may need support or help.

How the employee got involved and why

We started this organization when many were affected by Covid. I have been involved since the beginning because I see how important this is to my neighbors in our small community.

What work does the employee do for charity

I help collect money, shop for food boxes, pack food boxes and distribute them. As part of the scout, we also do voluntary work on arrangements that are planned together for 2040.

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