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Nazia Nowshin

Telemarketing Executive

Bangladesh, APEC



Main aim of the charity

There are around 40,000 stray dogs in Dhaka Metropolitan. Countless more all over the country, but they are not considered as living beings, who can feel emotions, joy, happiness, as well as fear, pain, and sadness; but solely an “annoying problem of public health and safety”! To get rid of it, even local authorities are taking inhumane, cruel, and barbaric methods such as poisoned, shot, mutilated, tortured, set on fire, or killed in other cruel ways. Dogs are often abandoned by the owners they depend on. I would like to raise awareness among people to treat our four-legged friends humanely. We, as human beings, just need to be kind to them. That will go a long way for the animals to have a better life. For that I want to make it big and want to take few massive projects along with my current on-going projects.

How the employee got involved and why

People often torture street animals for only living in front of their houses. They are being killed or left to die in an injured condition without any food. Also, there are a lot of accidents due to careless driving. Moreover, the increased number of stray animals in an area has become a concern of city corporations. They may cause disease to the human population and also to themselves. Increased population also results in food scarcity for them. Our country's number of vets specializing in dogs and cats is low. If you consider stray animals, it is almost nonexistent. Because these vets only provide treatment to pet dogs and cats and do not allow stray animals. So whenever we need to take any stray for emergency treatment, we only have one or two places to go. If those places remain closed at that time, then we have to provide treatment on our own. Also, there is a scarcity of animal shelters in our country, and all the shelters don't accept stray animals. The few who accept strays are not up to the mark and can't ensure good care and safety of the animals. There is a lack of ethical organizations that work to rescue stray animals. They all work to bring foreign donations but don't use them for the betterment of strays. Everyone around knows my neighborhood as Dog Road. It was not Dog road from the beginning. It all started six years back (2016). I used to feed street dogs while leaving for the office. By and by, they became pretty familiar with me. They waited for my return and guarded me on the way home. One day a street dog gave birth in front of my home. A passing rickshaw left one of the puppies injured. I took it to a vet. There I found several dogs were being treated. That's the beginning. A few days later, I found an extremely injured dog hit by a car. I could not leave it on the street, and I took it to a vet clinic for treatment. I had to take her to my home to make sure of her post-surgery care. Unfortunately, she did not survive much longer. That was the day I felt in desperate need of a rescue team. My objective is an inclusive neighborhood where animals and people can live side by side and care for each other. Since every life matters. Since 2016 I have rescued around 20 stray dogs on my own and treated more than 30 with first aid on the spot. Took initiative for sterilizing 14. And got more than 20 of them vaccinated. To do this, I have created a team name “Savior” with a few volunteers who have the same mindset as mine. Now, my home is a shelter for 08 stray dogs and 16 cats. Additionally, I arrange food for around 4/5 cats and 06 more dogs on my street daily. If the stray needs any shelter, I bring them home; otherwise, I keep them in their own habitat and arrange treatment. For cases where veterinary help is mandatory, I take them to the vet. Most of the time, I bear the cost personally; however, when I can't bear the expense any longer, I arrange donations from friends and family. On average, I spend 20 hours a week on this cause. In a year, the average spending from these causes is 250K, and approximately I bear 60% of the cost from my salary, 5-10% comes from different organizations where I go and pitch my cause, and the rest are organized by myself through friends and family. I have also hired an employee at my own cost who prepares food for these dogs and cats every day and feed them when I'm not available. After office, I often go to rescue missions and give on-spot treatment where needed. I have learned to do this from working as a volunteer for "Care for Paws," a professional organization that gives medical treatment to animals.

What work does the employee do for charity

I help stray dogs and cats in distress. For this reason I do the following activities: 1. Rescue 2. On-spot Treatment 3. Providing shelter at my home 4. Feeding Strays 5. Vaccination 6. Sterilization

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