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光琦 侯

Major Account Manager

China, China


Shanghai Sunrise

Main aim of the charity

Established in 1996, Shanghai Sunrise’s scholarship programs have provided 3,200 students with education and mentorship - tools that help create a brighter future. Graduates are able to realize fulfilling careers and become a positive force in the community.

How the employee got involved and why

Actually I was sponsored in 2009 when I was studying in high school in Shanghai. It was really warm-hearted when my family got their support, not only scholarships but also considerate care. I joined in SHSR and started to act as a volunteer since 2011 .

What work does the employee do for charity

I am a volunteer for Shanghai Sunrise which is a a non-profit organization creating access to education through scholarships for underprivileged Shanghai youth. When we are in free time we will participated in : Fundraising Sponsor outreach Marketing & Communications Graphic design Webmaster Event management Volunteer recruitment Students Home Visit Translation for students’ letter

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