Jaya Ramavat

Query Handling Supervisor

Canada, Americas

Inclusivity & respect

Shelburne Cricket Club

Main aim of the charity

SCC is a non-profit organization and my main aim is to give opportunity to the local community especially youth and women to play cricket. We see many potential players however we have no place to practice during winter and in the summer limited hours to play. We need fund to get a place so we can create a brighter future in cricket for our youth.

How the employee got involved and why

I feel very satisfied that I’m doing something to help encourage players to join the team especially youth and women as I empower both of them. I started this summer as a mere volunteer. Seeing my passion and dedication, the management committee invited me to be part of their team which is also volunteering. I’m so excited as now I get to also share my ideas and support even more for the success of the Cricket club.

What work does the employee do for charity

I support the Shelburne Cricket club in the week ends in preparing the cricket pitch in all the matches. I also help in wrapping up all the equipment and the set up after the matches. I regularly prepare coffee/ tea and goodies which I bring for the players which they all enjoy during the interval of the games. I am also there as a supporter to cheer for the different teams! The events take place throughout summer.

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