Xiao Shipu

Operations Trainer

Regional Head Office (CHINA Head Office), China


Shenzhen Nanshan Shining star Special Children Rehabilitation Center

Main aim of the charity

Shenzhen Nanshan Shining Star Special Children Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit private social welfare organization, is registered under the approval of Bureau of Civil Affairs, and it’s aimed at helping children with autism make progress in communication\body function and self-management skills.

How the employee got involved and why

In fluenced by my mother,she is also a volunteer,and I like to see the clean any happiness baby face.I want to help them.

What work does the employee do for charity

At the beginning in 2013 I visited the Social Welfare Institute,and I Attracted by children's clern and happiness smile.So I became a volunteer from 2017.In 2017-2019 I was Voluster services for the school sports meeting for 14 hours.Affected by the COVID-19 I can do public welfare on Alipay. Assisting 79 projects,helped 22people,won 4medals.In 2022 I went to Xingguang Rehabilitation Center Children Friendly School as a Volunteer.

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