Hannah Christine Cipriano

Service Engineer

Philippines, The, APEC


Silid Aralan Inc. & David LivingStone Missionary Foundation

Main aim of the charity

Our main aim for both this charitable institution is to help and teach as many children as we can. We have started this drive last year and we saw how this has helped those children. This year we have extended our charity drive to our colleagues who have generously give their pledges. We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. We believed that everyone from DHL PH have the power to help and no small amount is too small to give. Also, we as an IT professional wants to extend not just our technical expertise but also cybersecurity awareness to these children.

How the employee got involved and why

As part of the I Love IT yearly charity drive we are continuously providing help to non-governmental organization like Silid Alaran Inc which was our beneficiary since last year. DHL EXP PH will continue to support both foundations and provide help to children who are in need. In addition to our GoHelp charity drive, DHL PH is also planning to conduct GoTeach next year for both foundations. One of the topics we want to teach Cyber Security Awareness with Silid Aralan Inc and David Livingstone Missionary's students and their guardians. This is to ensure that the students are aware of possible threats they might encounter while browsing the internet and even simply replying to text messages.

What work does the employee do for charity

Part of our goal for this year's I Love IT is to share the acts of altruism and make a positive contribution to external communities. Just like last year's GoHelp charity drive and fundraising project by the support of other functions. IT wants to continue to help our community by sharing our blessing to the kids of SILID ARALAN INC in Manila and DAVID LIVINGSTONE MISSIONARY FOUNDATION in Cebu. Both are non-government organizations, Silid Aralan Inc. (SAI) provides underprivileged students opportunities to boost their academic performance. It aims to develop LOVE FOR LEARNING in students through academic tutorials customized with their passions and hobbies in mind. Meanwhile, David Livingstone Missionary provides shelter and education to orphans, especially kids abandoned by their parents from different Regions in Visayas. It aims to uplift confidence in performing the best in their academics and offer financial support for their other basic needs.

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