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Main aim of the charity

*To finance self -sustaining projects, that are easy and affordable to manage, this is to allow the orphanage generate income / revenue and minimize dependency on charity. *To reach out to the needy orphan children by providing basic needs like mattresses, storage boxes, sanitary towels, food and cleaning materials. * To pay school fees especially for the students taking part in their final exams, this to ensure they are able to be part of the final exams increasing their chances of graduating to the next level.

How the employee got involved and why

The charitable group started in 2015 but i personally joined in 2020 Dec. The group " Smile of Hope " we go to different children's homes and provide necessary supplies like detergents, sanitary towels, food and clothes. However, I mainly joined because the group also finance small projects that can help the orphans to sustain themselves e.g., build poultry cages and supply chicks, they earn money through selling eggs & also chickens for meat consumption. The money they earn from the poultry farming goes a long way to sustain their day-to-day needs. These projects are mainly for self-sustenance, because these homes cannot only depend on charity for survival. We have also Bought long lasting cooking materials, long lasting mattresses We have also paid school fees for some of the students in these homes. Our last event was on 13th November 2022, we donated 1929 EUR (207 EUR went to a student's school fees, 303 EUR to mattresses, 474 EUR on groceries and other necessities for the kids, 831 EUR for the poultry farming the rest we used as expenses because we cooked and ate together). We hold these events on quarterly basis. On the day we visit we also celebrate birthdays for the orphans, plaint the girl's hair , cook and eat together .

What work does the employee do for charity

I contribute money, ideas & time to see the kids at the children's homes (orphanage). I also spend time strategizing with the other team members on ensuring we have successful events e.g., assist in cooking, washing, serving food, budgeting etc.

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