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Speed of Life

Main aim of the charity

The aim of Paramedical Emergency is to rescue for patients suffering from various life-threatening emergencies, trauma, poisoning, disaster accidents, etc. before arriving at the hospital, including on-site emergency treatment and custody transfer to the hospital.Save the lives of patients and reduce disability.

How the employee got involved and why

The aim of the activity is to improve the successful rescue rate and train more volunteers who want to take part in social emergency rescue work through my personal action and making good use of my professional skills. I hope to devote my efforts to social rescue work, to save more lives of the patients in danger.

What work does the employee do for charity

Since participated in Emergency paramedic volunteer work in 2019, I have been making full use of my first aid skills to help people in need around my life circle in spare time. According to statistics, I have followed the ambulance for more than 900 times since 2019. In the past year, I have made 220 trips with ambulances as an EMS volunteer, finished dispatch assignments in the Interconnected EMS app more than 150 times, and treated more than 380 patients. We hope that our work could make outstanding contributions to improving the efficiency of emergency treatment and saving patients' lives. In addition, I also conduct first aid training for social groups, so that more people dare to learn and give first aid to others.

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