Mat Hobbelen


Netherlands, Europe


Stichting ALS

Main aim of the charity

Funding scientific research into the causes and treatment of ALS, PSMA and PLS. Also financing projects that improve the quality of care and life of patients and their families. Plus increasing awareness of the disease ALS in order to creatie more support and understanding for patients and their families.

How the employee got involved and why

In September 2020 I met an amazing guy who would later be my best buddy and even stole my heart. But unfortunately in the beginning of 2021 complications started to rise with him and in August of 2021 he was diagnosed with ALS. When he was diagnosed with this condition it was pretty obvious if you look back on all the complications. Out of the blue he, his kids (he has 2) and my life changed from being pretty nice to like living in a rollercoaster. In the night from April 13th//14th he was brought to the hospital because he got pneumonia. With this added to his already fragile lungs and no real future sight (he would life the rest of his life in a bed) he decided to call it quits and made the hardest decision to not life anymore. In the aftermath of this all I decided to raise funds for the ALS charity. This idea came to me in the period that he was diagnosed and started soon before he passed away. The first actions that I took were around March of 2021, this was with the collecting of phones. The other actions that I took were from after his passing. Almost forgot the mention but I also going to participate in 'the Sunrise Walk' in Utrecht in the Netherland. This is a walk of 25KM at (around 6 hours) during the night and we should arrive at the 'UMC' (Utrecht's Medische Centrum) when the sun rises. This walk is held by the foundation of ALS them self and each participant is being sponsored to do so. All sponsored money is going to the foundation of ALS.

What work does the employee do for charity

Taking actions on raising money by collecting old mobile phones and cartridges, this by setting up depo's where people can deposit there old and unused items. This also benefits the environment and makes less waste. For every phone and cartridges that is collect an amount of money will be donated by the company that recycles these old/unwanted items. Also on my own initiative I raised money by selling special beers from a brewery from the Netherlands (Hertog Jan - Grand Prestige). With each bottle a number was given and on a specific date (which was announced while selling) a lottery was held were people could win price. These prices consisted of Grand Prestige from previous/older years, a tour in the brewery for up about 20 people and items like special beer bottle openers and unique coasters. The brewery also donates each year to a different charity. But thanks to my affords the brewery decided that next years charity (2023) will be ALS which is the charity that I commit to.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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