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Mali, SSA


UMAV Center

Main aim of the charity

It aims to educate blind children and train blind adult, to overcome blindness. The readaptation of blind person in letting them to integrate the society. It helps them to be independent.

How the employee got involved and why

I volonteer because this UMAV is the only center in Bamako and in all Mali which take care for blind children in educating them how to conduct in the life and which offer them a better life. those people (young and old) need others to drive their life. By teaching them to be independent, help them to integrate the society as normal person. I have started this charity a year ago, i have a daughter of a neighbor who is the same. situation.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am volunteer to blind children by given them smile and improving their living condition in the center. The center does not receive enough help from the government, it needs to be rehabilitated for the safety and the health of the children. I want to make their stay in the center happiest and easiest. I am encouraging and assisting them, so they can have a better future and avoiding them begging for to survive.

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