Kembang Dwisari

Key Account Support Advisor

Indonesia, APEC


Yayasan Tunasmuda CARE (T.CARE)

Main aim of the charity

Empowering youth, building sustainable ecosystem, and creating innovations.

How the employee got involved and why

I started last year in 2021 when my friend informed me her sister works in a non-profit organization. I had been donating to nearby mosques and when I had extra funds last year, I decided to donate to a bigger organization in order to reach more. The organization, T.Care, is a philanthropic entity focusing on empowering youth by building sustainable ecosystem and innovative programs . My friend was my biggest influence in getting to know their exciting programs, and because her sister works there I felt comfortable in knowing what effort I give - financially, time, or interest - will go to the programs as they should. I hype and take interest in them because I see their programs as intriguing and I root for them to keep on innovating. Hoping I can donate funds again in the near future. This eagerness to follow their activities and sharing them to my circle of friends and colleagues is a newfound passion that I am enjoying, since before I knew of them I only used social media apps as means to stay in touch with family and friends, or getting to know the latest trends.

What work does the employee do for charity

I used to donate funds to the charitable cause for them to use in support of their programs. However, due to personal and family issues, I have been more active in sharing their social media and supporting them virtually. I see this act of volunteering as important to me as it is to support the organization. In the dense space that is social media, breaking through with a charitable cause that is prevalent everywhere is tough. I relate to their cause and do my best to follow, like, share, and getting my self updated with acts of philanthropy and new innovations. One of the 'surprise' that the pandemic has given me is accessing new interest which I didn't imagine would give me joy - helping good causes to be heard and sharing what I can in volunteering.

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