Monika Koseska

CIM SEA Country Champion

Poland, Europe


Zespół do obsługi Placówek Opiekuńczo-Wychowawczych Nr 1 02-945 Warszawa, ul. św. Bonifacego 81

Main aim of the charity

There are children in the institutions who do not have parents, or whose parental rights have been restricted for some reason. We are very keen to equalise the educational opportunities of these children, to provide access to computer equipment on which they can carry out educational tasks, and/or to provide expert teaching, whether by employing a qualified teacher or by co-creating a volunteer project in which the teachers will be student volunteers who will help young people and children to find their way in the digital world of education (not just entertainment)

How the employee got involved and why

A group of volunteers from our company are involved in helping the orphanages we work with throughout the year. In addition to the collections we organise among our employees on Children's Day and the gifts we collect and give to the pupils on that day, we also help them with renovations, refurbishment of rooms and other activities that our employees themselves invent and engage in together. Our cooperation last for the last 10 years. We started initially by working with two, now we work together with 6 which are located in Warsaw, Katowice, Łodź.

What work does the employee do for charity

One of the pillars of our company is our efforts to help people in difficult life, health and material situations. One of the campaigns that our company has been involved in for many years in many cities in Poland is the organisation of Children's Day for children and wards from orphanages. Our assistance is not limited to material support once a year, but we try to keep in touch with the selected facilities and respond to their needs as far as possible, both material and physical support (as discussed below)

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