Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I submit my entry?
Go to and click 'Enter'. Then fill out the entry form and upload your video - please make sure it's no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds and no larger than 100MB in size. Each entrant or group must submit one video entry. If no video is uploaded the entry will not be accepted or considered for country or regional selection.

How long do I have to enter?
The competition opens on 10 July 2018 at 9:00am (CET). It will then close to new entries on Monday 20 August 2018 at 23:59 (CET). Any applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

Can I pause my entry process and return to it later?
Yes. The entry form includes a 'save progress' function. You can pause the process and return later where you left off. Any time you save and exit the entry process, you'll automatically receive an email reminder with a direct link back to your form. Remember to complete it before the entry deadline though.

Can I make my entry in person?
No. Entries are to be made online only, via the microsite. There is both an entry form to be filled in, and a video to be submitted. 

What content should be included in my video?
We want you to Show your Heart! Tell us about:

  1. Yourself or your group (if you're submitting a group entry).

  2. Your chosen charitable cause.

  3. The volunteering/fundraising work you undertake for them.

What format should my video entry be in?
We accept the following file types: P4, WebM, FLV, MOV, OGV, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MKV and AVI.

Does the film need to be professionally filmed and is there a maximum budget that my video submission should not exceed?
There will be no discrimination in terms of the video's production quality, i.e: there will be no advantage given to professionally filmed videos, so filming on your phone is absolutely fine if you don't have a high-quality camera.

Is the location of my filming important?
No. Just choose a location you feel comfortable with. As with video production quality, no extra points will be awarded for location. 

What volunteering/fundraising work will be considered valid?
Any volunteering/fundraising work must be aligned with the following requirements and definitions:

  1. Charitable volunteering/fundraising activities must have taken place within the last year (i.e. from 10 July 2017 onwards). Activities may have started before this date, but must have continued after it, in an ongoing manner. 

  2. Causes may involve, but are not limited to: animals & wildlife, arts & culture, children & young people, community, disability, education, the elderly, the environment, medicine, public service & military, sports, and welfare.

  3. Charitable causes MUST be not for profit.

  4. Check out the terms & conditions for more information

What's the maximum number of entrants per group?
The maximum number of people in a group entry is 10. If you have a group with more than 10  members, please contact

Who can enter the competition?
Anyone who is a DHL Express employee, with a valid passport, who is over the age of 18 as of 10 July 2018 can enter the competition. It is open to all DHL contracts, including temporary contracts and interns, but you must still plan to be employed/under contract until at least 30 September 2019 to be eligible.

Why do I have to be employed/under contract until 30 September 2019 to be eligible?
Should you be selected as a Regional Finalist, we may wish to follow up with you and your charitable cause after the competition.

Do all entrants have to work for DHL?
Yes, all entrants have to work for DHL Express. Employee(s) can only advance to the Regional Finals if they're still employed by DHL Express at that time.

I'm new to DHL - can I still enter?
As long as you joined the company before 10 July 2018, you're eligible to enter.

My temporary contract ends before 30 September 2019. Can I still enter?
Unfortunately not. Your contract must be vaild until at least 30 September 2019.

I work for an associated entity different from DHL. Can I still participate?
Please liaise with your Country Champion on this.

If I'm from Aviation Europe, can I still participate?

If I'm from GBS, can I still participate?
Only if you’re working for Express.

If I'm from EFFS, can I participate?

If I'm from DGF, another DHL BU, DPDHL Corporate Center or PeP, can I participate?
Unfortunately not.

Can I participate if I'm from DGF but in a country where DGF and Express are merged?
Unfortunately not.

Can I participate if I'm about to retire?
As long as you're not planning to leave before 30 September 2019, yes!

Can I participate if I'm employed but on parental leave?

Is there an age restriction?
Yes. You need to be 18 years or older on the day of your application to enter.

Does DHL management have to approve my submission video before I enter?
No, every video will be reviewed once it is submitted. (This is what we refer to as the approval stage).

How should I enter if I don't have access to a camera? 
If you don't have a smartphone, or it doesn't have a working camera on it, don't worry - we can help. Please liaise with your Country HR Champion or email us on

Am I allowed to record my entry during work time?
No, please record your video in your own time.

What is the competition process?

Step 1: Entries

  • Fill in the entry form and upload your video by 20 August 2018 and await approval. Only approved films will be displayed on

Step 2: Country Winners

  • One winner per country will be selected by a Country Selection Committee.

Step 3: Regional Finalists

  • From each region a 'top 3' will be selected by a Regional Selection Committee (they will all receive equal ranking).

  • ​They will each then be visited by a film crew to create a film about them, their charitable cause and the volunteering/fundaising work they do.

  • All Regional Finalists will then be invited to their Regional Final which will be hosted at the 50 Year Roadshow when it visits their region.

Step 4: Regional Finals at the Roadshow

  • All Regional Finalists will take part in their Regional Final to win a share of a major prize fund. The films will also be be shown. 

What will happen to my entry if I don’t pass the first stage?
Unfortunately it means your video won't be shown on the microsite. In this instance, you will receive an email to notify you. 

Where are the entry videos shown?
All approved entries will be shown on

What is the timeline of the competition?

  • Country Judging will take place between 22 and 30 August 2018.

  • Country Winners will be announced 4 September 2018.

  • Regional Judging will be between 20 September and 2 October 2018.

  • Regional Finalists will be announced 9 October 2018.

  • The 6 Regional Finals (1 per Region) will then be hosted as part of the 50 Years Roadshow when it visits each region.

  • The Roadshow is currently scheduled to take place between 11 February and 14 March 2019.

  • Roadshow dates will be confirmed closer to the time.

When will I hear whether my video entry has been approved?
We'll send you a confirmation email within a week of entering. If your entry hasn't been accepted, you will also receive an email.

What is the prize?
This will be announced at a later stage. All Winners will take home a share of a major prize fund for their charitable causes. 

Who is on the Regional Selection Committee?
While this will vary from region to region. It will usually consist of members of Regional management, representatives from each department and potentially a further authority.

I feel that I wasn’t shortlisted because the regional panel was biased. Can I appeal against this decision? Who can help me?
Unfortunately you cannot appeal against this decision. All decisions are final. However, if you do have genuine concerns, please inform your Country HR Champion or Regional HR Champion, or send an email to

Will I be filmed if I am a Regional Finalist?
Yes. In the event that you are the Regional Finalist, you hereby irrevocably grant all consents necessary for DHL Express to film and record your participation in your submitted charity or voluntary work and to use recordings featuring your image and/or voice in all media throughout the world in perpetuity without the need for payment to you.

Do I have to take time off from work for the final?
Please contact your Country HR Champion for more information on this.

If an entry is made as a group, how many members can attend the Regional Final?
If an application involves more than one member, a single member must be nominated by the group to attend the respective Regional Final at the 50 Year Anniversary Roadshow.

Will DHL be organizing the flights and accommodation?
Yes, we will, don’t worry.

Can I bring any guests?
Unfortunately not. No guests are invited to attend the Regional Final.

Who is my Country HR Champion?
Please contact us at if you don't know your Country HR Champion.

Are there any hidden costs for participants involved?
No, apart from any potential internet data costs incurred in recording and uploading your video.

Is DHL's Got Heart on social media?
There is a Facebook group ( supporting the competition, which should be up and running shortly.

Will DHL accept any liability for loss, damage or injury relating to my competition entry?
No. DHL Express does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury during the creation of your DHL's Got Heart entry. Please refer to the Competition Terms & Conditions for more information.

Does my charitable cause need to be a registered charity?
No. But if it is, please do provide their registered charity number.