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Children & Young People · 2:34

2017/18 Asia Pacific Winner – Tran Ngoc Thanh Truc

  • By Tran Ngoc Thanh Truc · Vietnam, APEC

Truc set the stage alight at last year’s Global Final. Watch her do the same at home as she returns to Vietnam in this awe-inspiring film. Giving local children the chance at a better education.

Education is sometimes taken for granted. But for the children supported by Truc’s cause, Blue Dreams, education paves the way for a better life. Using the prize money donated by DHL, Truc has helped to fund scholarships, training, and the purchase of 20 new bicycles for children in remote areas of Vietnam, providing access to a proper education. This stirring short film demonstrates her kind-heart and dedication, and follows her as she gives a group of children the chance of a brighter future.