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Children & Young People · 3:15

2017/18 Americas Winner – Diego Alejandro Guisao Rodriguez

  • By Diego Alejandro Guisao Rodriguez · Costa Rica, Americas

Diego volunteers at an organization that helps keep children off the streets and safe from trouble in Costa Rica. In fact, he has a very personal reason for doing so, as this film will demonstrate…

Diego has a special connection to Fundación Rahab. It supported him when he was younger and struggling with alcohol addiction. Once he turned his life around, he felt inspired to give back by volunteering at the organization as a mentor, using his experience to help the children.

The prize money Diego won at the DHL’s Got Heart Final 2017/2018 has been used to fund educational activities at the charity, as well as providing hot meals and food vouchers. In the future it will also pay for computers and tuition fees.