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Children & Young People   2:24

Diego Alejandro Guisao Rodriguez

  • From Costa Rica, Americas

During last years competition, Diego was selected as our 1st place Regional Winner for the Americas. In 2017, we visited to him to find out more about his personal connection to Fundación Rahab and the work he does there…
After struggling with an alcohol addiction, at the age of eleven Diego was encouraged by his mother to join Fundación Rahab. The charity targets young adolescents to promote the importance of education and aims to ensure that all children on the program complete their studies and break negative patterns to improve their quality of life. Fundación Rahab helped Diego to turn his life around, watch his original film to find out more…
And since receiving the DHL prize money in January 2018, the charity has already started putting the money to good use. 
Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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